Do you have samples?2015-11-18T21:22:37-07:00

We have a large inventory of samples from previous projects we have worked on as well as items that we think would make a great takeaway for your customers. Contact us and we will arrange a meeting with you to share those samples with you. On some items we can even preprint a sample of the actual product for you to have in hand while you make your decision. This is typically only done for large scale projects. All projects will get a digital proof before order is completed.

Can you manage my event merchandise?2020-04-03T20:12:38-06:00

YES! Managing event merchandise is our specialty. We love working with our clients from the design and concept stage to onsite and post event merchandise management. We do everything from designing booths to taking care of inventory and budget management for our clients.

Who do you work with?2020-04-03T20:12:38-06:00

We have a wide range of clients ranging from large scale events such as the Cherry Creek Arts Festival to companies working through rebranding such as Mag Builders. See our Clients page for more information.

Do you work with name brands?2015-11-18T21:19:56-07:00

Yes, we work with name brands like American Apparel, Patagonia, Nike, Marmot, Adidas, etc.

How do I get you my file?2020-04-03T20:12:38-06:00

You can send us the file via email or if it is too large for your email then we can use drop box or another cloud sharing service to share it with us.

What is Bleed?2015-11-18T21:19:08-07:00

Bleed is the space around a design that allows for trimming in the printing process without compromising your desing. If you want a 4×6 postcard you would build the template with bleed to be 4.125 x 6.125 to allow space for trimming.

Can I send you a jpeg?2015-11-18T21:18:48-07:00

Yes, you can send us a jpeg and we will do our best to convert it to vector artwork. This most likely will incur a graphic design fee.

What is a vector file?2020-04-03T20:12:38-06:00

Vector graphic files save the lines, shapes and colors that make up an image.

How long does it take for me to get the proof for my job?2015-11-18T21:17:45-07:00

Typically proofs take 24 hours. The order cannot proceed until the proof is approved by you.

Do you offer Shipping Services?2015-11-18T21:17:17-07:00

We provide shipping services to anywhere in the world.

Is there a discount if I reorder my job?2015-11-18T21:16:49-07:00

It depends on the order, often the discount will come in the form of setup fees. Typically setup fees have a lower reorder rate.

What file types do you accept?2020-04-03T20:12:38-06:00

PDF is the most common and preferred file format for submitting graphics. It is best to submit PDF’s because they are vector files. If you are not able to create a PDF we often can work with the following formats:

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, as well as graphic images such as .jpg, .tif, .eps.

What resolution should I save images and graphics at?2020-04-03T20:12:38-06:00

Pictures downloaded from the internet are typically 72 dpi which is a low resolution for printing.  This often means that the image will be pixelated and will print at a very local quality. Make sure to check the resolution before you design your graphic. Resolution should be set to 300dpi.  When saving if possible choose CMYK mode.  CMYK prints as true color. RGB does not typically print as true to color.