What’s with the name?

Ira Johnson grew up on a farm in Iowa.  Stub, his grandfather, raised llamas and at one point had over 100 llamas on the farm.  Stub also had an extensive collection of antique buggies.  Being an eccentric cowboy Stub decided he should teach these llamas to pull the buggies.  Llamas are a pack animal, so this was quite rare.  In fact when Ira was 9 years old there were only 3 people in the world that had trained llamas to pull buggies.  So, they decided they should use this rarity to help promote Stub’s restaurants around the Midwest.  This lead to Ira driving the llama teams in parades throughout most of the summers, including in the World Circus Parade in Baraboo, WI.

When starting the company Ira drew from his years of promoting and the fun he had working with those llamas to create a one of a kind culture within Happy Llama Inc.